What We Do Is Personal

The needs of homeowners change over time. From home additions to remodeling to custom building, Dunn-Right Contracting is there actively listening to your wishes and offering suggestions and expertise drawn from over 25 years of construction experience. Open two-way communication between us and the client ensures a smooth transformation with positive results and long lasting professional relationships. Our services range from small renovations to large scale projects.

  • Architectural design

    While we often work with plans designed by an architect, we can also help homeowners design the space they envision.

  • Renovation of existing living space

    Whether it is renovating your existing floor plan, or gutting your entire house, we'll help you create your dream space.

  • Additions

    As the need for space changes, we add floor space to your home by building outside the footprint or by adding another level. Dunn-Right home remodeling contractors take you through the process with quality and assurance.

  • Modernization of spaces

    We can enhance your home with new bathrooms, kitchens, basement space and more so that you can keep your home up to date.

How We Work

A Collaborative Process From Beginning to End Whether You Work with an Architect or Directly with Dunn-Right Contracting.

From the initial phone call from a client through the entire design and construction process, Dunn-Right Contracting is a trusted partner, working with everyone involved to ensure the highest quality results. When you work with us, here’s how the process works:

  • Meet with

    No matter the size of a project, we sit down face-to-face with homeowners and go over every aspect of a project, including budget, schedule, and critical decisions that need to be made. The contracting process is a partnership and working closely together on decision-making helps keep projects on schedule.

  • Provide a

    Before the project begins, a construction schedule is provided outlining each stage of the project and what will be accomplished each week. If changes occur that alter the time table, homeowners are kept informed.A selection schedule is made to ensure product selections are made and the project is delivered on time.

  • Answer any questions
    or concerns

    A project manager is assigned to each job, and is also available to hold weekly status meetings with the homeowner to answer any questions or concerns.

  • Work with Architects & Subcontractors

    Throughout our 25 years in business, Dunn-Right Contracting has built strong working relationships with a variety of subcontractors and architects. We work with the best, so homeowners can trust the craftsmanship that goes into their project.