The Team

Vince Dunn – Founder and President, Dunn-Right Contracting

Vince Dunn, Founder and President of Dunn-Right Contracting, grew up in the construction business and started his home builder career at the ripe old age of 13. Vince was always interested in owning his own business and earned his degree in Business Management from Marshall University with that future goal in mind. He worked for OC Builders, Inc. for 13 years, working his way from painting and carpentry to framing and trimming custom residential homes and supervising the construction of multi-million dollar residences.

Vince went on to start Dunn-Right Contracting in 1990 with the purpose of providing innovative renovations and additions for homeowners in the metropolitan Washington area. His business started with bath and kitchen remodels and progressed to complete renovations with additions and expanding his remodeling services. Vince has always held the belief that a hands-on approach produces the best results when dealing with each project. He personally works with each of his clients from the initial face-to-face meeting to making frequent visits to job sites until the project is complete.

Through his 25+ years experience, Vince understands the importance of building strong relationships with like-minded professionals in the industry. From architects to tradespeople, he has worked diligently to find the best in the business, so his clients receive the finest craftsmanship at the best value.

Vince Dunn

Founder and President